The Lake District is awonderful place to visit, with all the things to see and do you'll be sure tohave a great weekend. However it is not a place to go unprepared; that is whywe've compiled this list of 5 items that should accompany you on your trip!

1. Coat –With the often unpredictable whether in the Lake District, this one is ano-brainer. Make sure you've got something warm and waterproof, especially inthese winter months. If you don't feel like you have the adequate clothing athome, there are plenty of shops rounds these parts that specialize in that sortof thing!

2. Walking boots – Appropriate footwear is also a necessity if you're planning onexploring the beautiful scenery that the Lakes has to offer. You want somethingthat can handle the mud!

3. Camera –Will all the amazing views, you'll regret not bringing a camera. Don't forgetyour batteries/charger!

4. Phone –Does what it says on the tin. Always handy to have in unfamiliar territory. Canalso kill 2 birds with 1 stone as your phone probably has a camera in it!

5. Map/guidebook – Ok were cheating a bit here, maps and guidebooks aren't the samething, however you will want to be able to find your way around whilst knowingthe best places to visit!


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