• As well as hosting the most exceptionally stunning landscapes the UK had to offer, The Lake District also has some fascinating history. To satisfy your curiosity here are a few of our favourite historic facts...

    George Washington’s gran is buried here

    Mildred Gale was the paternal grandmother of the first American President, George Washington. Mildren is buried in St Nicholas Church, Whitehaven. Following the death of George Washington’s grandfather, her first husband, Mildred remarried a Whitehaven local and moved to the town.

    Beatrix Potter was an award-winning sheep farmer

    Famously known for being the creator and author of the beloved Tale of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter can also be accredited for saving the local breed of sheep, Herdwick. Following her purchase of Hill Top Farm in the 1920’s she bought a large farm in Troutbeck. Formerly a deer park, Beatrix restored the land with thousands of sheep and established herself as one of the most respected Herdwick sheep farmers in the country.

    There are four stone circles

    Stone circles are ancient, fascinating monuments. Castlerigg stone circle is one of the most famous dramatically situated monuments as it is surrounded by mountains. It's one of Britain's earliest stone circles, estimated at 5,000 years old, and has been officially protected since the late 18th Century.

    Cockpit stone circle is above Ullswater on Moor Divock which is covered in various prehistoric monuments. The Cockpit is one of the most impressive and like all stone circles its purpose is unknown. Swinside stone circle dates from the Neolithic period and interestingly the entrance lines up with the midwinter sunset.

    Finally at Burnmoor there are five stone circles, all high up on a moorland that date from about 2000 BC. There are other stone banks and cairns nearby which are thought to be more recent. The site is big, covering one square mile!

    We have the best preserved Roman Fort in the UK

    Hardknott in the Eskdale Valley is a small 3-acre fort that was founded under the Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd Century. The remains include a bath house, headquarters building and commandant's house.This dramatic fort was demilitarised in the 130s when the Romans returned to Scotland, and since the 3rd Century it has been abandoned.


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